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Frequently Asked Questions – Providers

Why are there three different levels of listings?

The three levels give companies listing different levels of benefits – such as providing space to describe your business in your own words. In addition, with each level, you will able to select more categories of services that you offer – which will increase the number of times that your company is found.

Can I edit my listing?

Yes. You may edit your listing as often as you like.

Can I pay for the Enhanced and Premium levels with a credit card?

Yes. Simply click on the “PayPal” button when completing your profile.

Rather than paying by credit card, can NOCA invoice me for my paid listing?

No. Paying by check would delay the posting of your listing until NOCA receives your payment. Paying by credit card enables your listing to go live almost immediately.

What if I want to change my listing level?

You can upgrade your listing at any time. When you do, your 365-day listing will reset to day one, giving you 365 days from the time of your upgrade.

One of the services I offer is not included in your categories. Can I insert my own?

No. NOCA grappled at great length to be as comprehensive as possible while still holding down the number of categories to a manageable level. We realized up front that we couldn’t include all the possibilities. Our goal was to keep it as simple as possible for the businesses searching for providers.