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Frequently Asked Questions – Visitors

How do I find a supplier who can meet my needs?

Start by clicking on the category (or categories) of service(s) that you need. This will produce all the providers in our database who offer those services.

Are there any fees associated with using this directory?

None whatsoever.

How do I contact these providers?

Each provider will supply several methods of contact – either phone, email, or through their websites.

Am I under any obligation when I contact one of these providers?

Absolutely not. Any business/professional relationship you establish with any provider is between you both and doesn’t begin until you mutually agree.

What if my search doesn’t produce any matches?

Try a different category – or combination of categories.

How do I know that any of these providers will be right for my business?

That’s your job. The purpose of this website is to match you with providers who offer the various marketing communications services that businesses like yours typically seek.

Does NOCA endorse any of these providers?

No. Although our providers can purchase “featured listings” which will move them to the top of your search list, that is not to be construed in any way, shape or form to be an endorsement. Our sole responsibility is to present the breadth and depth of the marketing communications services that are available from Northeast Ohio companies and to match businesses with providers who offer the kinds of marketing communications services businesses typically seek.